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The mask is a critical part of the paintball player's kit. Veterans returning to the sport recommend investing significantly in a quality paintball mask. It makes sense, but might not be the most obvious, the paintball player's mask directly affects the quality of a paintball experience. 

Parts of a Mask: A paintball mask is composed of multiple pieces, the part you look through is the lens, the protective material holding the lens in place and covering your face is the base of the mask, the material contacting your face is usually cushioning, like foam, some masks have visors that are either built in or removable, an adjustable back strap is standard, and sometimes a buckle to keep the mask from rising up or getting knocked off while playing.  

Advisory: Players who must use glasses, it is recommended you try paintball masks on before purchasing. The majority of masks should allow adequate space for glasses to be worn underneath. Some companies have designed inserts for paintball masks, but currently vision correcting paintball lenses are not available through 

Players want a mask they don't even know is there. A top of the line mask such as the Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask is light, breathes well, and adjusts for a secure comfortable fit. The benefits of investing into a high end mask like this absolutely outweigh the costs. A paintball mask is like helmet for any contact team sport. It is always used when you play, it protects you, and can significantly impact how much you enjoy the sport. A light mask may offer less protection to the top of the head and neck but when it comes to lasting the whole day a lighter mask is better. With less weight on your face you will  be sweating less, breathing lighter, and ready for action.

Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask Group

When runnin' and gunnin' you want to be confident your lens won't fog and your mask stays on, this is why masks such as the Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball Goggles are a great option. Their thermal lens is resistant to fogging while the directional vents encourage exhaled breathe down and away from the lens. The under the chin buckle and back strap provide a secure adjustable fit. This mask offers a combination of DYE's technologies for a third of the price of the Empire EVS mask. This mask is a little heavier, but it offers more protection to the forehead and neck with a built in visor and directional venting. 

DYE Special Edition Thermal Lems

If maximizing protection is what you are concerned about go for the Valken Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Paintball Mask. This mask offers the most protection, you can peak around barriers without worry. With your attention toward the opposing team you will be protected if a teammate accidentally shoots you in the back of the head or if an enemy tags you while peaking over cover.  

Vallken Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Paintball Mask offers paintball packages which include a mask, different packages will have variations on the combinations of items included. All packages will come with either a GenX Stealth mask, comparable in performance to a rental mask you would get from a field, or an Empire Helix Thermal Lens. Visors can be attached to the vents at the top of the mask. Head gear such as a shemagh, bandana, backwards hat, skull cap, or beanie is recommended for extra protection at the top of the forehead. Additional neck protection such as the Maddog Pro Neck Protector provides comfortable safety a budget price.

GenXGlobal Stealth Paintball Mask Empire Eflex

Thanks for checking out this blog. This is the first installment of a ten part series. The series is meant to explain each of the categories we have organized our eCommerce store into. Think of the categories like aisles in brick and mortar stores. Our categories are organized as follows; Guns, Packages & Starter Kits, Masks, Hoppers & Loaders, Tanks, Harnesses & Pods, Protective Gear, Player Clothing, New Arrivals, and Clearance. Some items have characteristics that can be applied to multiple categories. For instance a new paintball gun would be in both the New Arrivals and Guns categories. 

TL;DR Dual-pane thermal lenses and comfort are the most significant factors when choosing which paintball mask to use. Secondary factors include maintenance accessibility, visor, color and how cool it looks on you. Choose the mask that you know will fit right and has a dual pane thermal lens. Users with glasses, try to use contacts, if this is not an option, then make sure you get a dual pane thermal lens with your mask in addition to anti-fog for your glasses. 

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