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First Day of Paintball? Beginners Guide - Are You Ready?!?

Paintball Beginners Guide

All the Things You Need to Prepare Before Paintballing!

Player Type Rental Walk on Open Class/ Tournament
Equipment level Renting equipment from the field Own my own equipment Paintball kit is more electronics than anything else
Must Haves Appropriate Clothes (EZ to Clean Headgear, Shoes, and Gloves) and a Towel Rental "must haves" plus: Mask, Paintball Gun (+9v, AA, and AAA batteries if electric), Barrel, Pods, Harness, Paintballs, Air System (CO2 or HPA Tank), Allen Wrenchs, Squeegee, Multi-tool with Screwdrivers, Hopper (if electronic bring spare batteries) Everything a Walk On needs + Spare Parts and Extra Batteries
Optional Chest Protector, Knee Pads, and a Neck Protector Protective Equipment (Excluding the Mandatory Mask Extra Barrels and Inserts, Additional Lenses for Mask
Everyone: Water, Change of Clothes, Snacks, and (Vision Correcting Glasses) Any stock pieces to backup upgraded gear (for example original gravity fed hopper if upgraded to an electric assist system) Fair and Friendly Competition 


Preparation for a paintball beginner begins the night before, get plenty of rest and pack everything you will need. Also determine the location of the field, plan your departure time to account for the distance to the field, in addition to the quality of "drive way" which is likely unpaved.

On the morning of, eat a substantial well rounded breakfast, double check you have packed/ loaded all the necessities in the table above, and leave home with enough time to commute safely.

It is important to play paintball safely. Accomplish this by following all of the field's rules, obeying the referee's instructions and respecting your peers. When in doubt keep you barrel cover and mask on.

Stay aware of your surroundings, you may be struck by a paintball on and off the field. Part of being aware is "playing to the ability of your opponent" this means that you acknowledge the level of competition for the players involved and adjust your level of play to avoid any conflicting situations. In general, play with other players who are using equipment and have experience similar to yourself.

It is not  recommended to play paintball under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol, or mind-altering agents. Individuals under the influence may not be covered by the insurance policy of the field, in addition they may not be able, or willing, to observe the instructions of the referees, or even safely follow the proper procedures for a paintball game. 

Be aware that energy drinks, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages may actually dehydrate you. Always drink water too, especially if playing in the heat of the day.  

An open forum run by paintball enthusiasts is available for anyone to check out. mcarterbrown (prices are not up to date, but all descriptions are accurate and experienced enthusiasts offer their opinions. 

Many individuals and veterans would agree that the very first serious investment you should make is a safe and comfortable paintball mask. Having your own mask that is comfortable to play in completely instantly increases the amount of enjoyment you will have playing this sport. 

Online forums have tons of information some helpful, others distracting. We will maintain a blog to present an organized collection of information. The sources for these will include forums such as mcarterbrown,, pbnation, and paintball-online in  addition to paintball fields and manufacturers' websites. While some of our sources offer similar products and/or (buys/sell/trade) opportunities. Here at you can get everything you need to play, from a reputable and secure eCommerce store. will not attempt to defraud customers or falsely advertise about products. If there are any questions about a specific item or perhaps searching for advice about paintball products that are right for you, then please feel free to contact us through our, "Need Help? Contact us" link in the footer of 

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