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Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $200

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $200

We can’t overstate the importance of choosing the right paintball marker for your style of play, your skills level and your terrain. The range of markers available is vast, and negotiating your way through the fine detail of every model seems almost impossible. And it’s easy to spend serious money.

If you’re looking for a way into this amazing sport, you may not want to invest a lot of money until you know it’s for you and you want to take it to another level. The best way to get started is to buy yourself equipment that can do everything you need it to without breaking the bank. Check out these ten paintball guns that will help you become a serious player for under $200 each. And don’t forget that a lot of these markers also come as part of starter kits, which can save you even more money.

Tippmann Cronus Semi Auto

Tippmann Cronus Semi Auto

These guys are one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of paintball equipment, and this entry-level .68 caliber semi-automatic marker is lightweight, tough and powerful. It’s one of the cheapest on the market, but it doesn’t compromise on quality.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

One of the most popular markers around, this is a regular piece of rental equipment at paintball fields. At under five pounds, it’s light and slim, with an adjustable stock and ergonomic grips. 

Tippmann Stormer Elite

Tippmann Stormer Elite

Another winner from Tippmann, the Stormer Elite is a high quality MilSim marker with great military aesthetics. It is fully customizable and enables easy switching between loader and magazine-fed functions. With a front shroud, flip-up sights and six-position collapsible stock, it is perfect for newcomers. 

Tippmann Sierra One

For under $200, you get a lot of features in the Sierra One. Based on the iconic ArmaLite design, it has a six-position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR-15-style shroud, or handguard, giving better balance and room for tactical accessories, as well as a new AR-15 style magazine that doubles as a toolkit. It is compatible with pressurized air, nitrogen or CO2 and is surprisingly quiet for its price. 

Azodin Blitz 4

Azodin is another big name in paintball equipment, renowned for great products for every level of player. The Blitz 4 is an all-metal marker that gives you reliable performance with simplicity of use at a pretty unbeatable price. It's one of the best entry-level electric paintball guns currently on the market.

Azodin Kaos 3

This is a great gun for beginners. At about two pounds, it’s extremely lightweight and very well constructed from aluminum, so it’s not going to be a drain on your energy, even after hours of play. It’s well-suited to fast-paced play and quick, evasive action. Because it is semi-automatic, it allows for some really rapid rates of fire.

Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

Another budget-priced semi-automatic from Tippmann, the 98 Platinum Series is not only strong and reliable; it also offers the capacity for several upgrades, including the e-trigger kit, giving you several firing modes, response trigger for increased trigger speed and cyclone feed system for synchronized paintball feeding to reduce breakage and jamming. 


GOG is another brand name you can rely on for quality and performance at great prices. The eNMEy is an unusual marker because it operates entirely mechanically without the use of a battery but has full pneumatic function. Built from composite and aluminum, it is lightweight with a fast trigger, while easy bolt access makes it simple to maintain. Several upgrades are available once you get a feel for the game.

Spyder Fenix Electronic

Back in the 1990s, Kingman Paintball introduced the Spyder, a budget-level semi-automatic marker that emphasized simplicity of design, ease of maintenance and great performance. In those days, it was the most popular marker for players entering the game, and the Spyder name still represents high-spec technology at an affordable price. The Fenix is an electronic marker that has three firing modes, can fire at 25bps, and works with both compressed air and CO2.

U.S. Army Alpha Elite

We couldn’t leave out this remarkable contribution from no less illustrious a source than the U.S. Army. Manufactured by Tippmann, its sleek, all-black M-16 style makes it a highly desirable marker. But you’re getting much more than just an authentic look; it's reasonably light, even with added upgrades, with great performance and accuracy. Included in the price is a shroud, magazine and carry handle.

Any one of these great-value markers will give you a fantastic start in this fabulous sport.

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