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How to Tie Tactical Desert Shemagh Headwraps

The proper way to form the shemagh into the perfect head wrap!


This step by step guide makes wearing your shemagh simple. Wrapping a shemagh is easier than tying a tie, and way more fun to wear! 



Step By Step Guide:

  1. Fold shemagh in half forming a triangle. (Corner to opposite corner)
  2. Drape shemagh over the head with the seam of the fold facing forward, you will need to skew the shemagh so one side is longer than the other. (left or right is personal preference)
  3. Wrap the short end under the chin and above the ear leaving enough material to form a knot.
  4. Wrap the longer end across the face and around the front of the head.
  5. Continue wrapping the longer end all the way around the head.
  6. Once completely wrapped tie the two ends of the shemagh together the knot should be about ear height for comfort and convenient adjustments.
  7. Form an eyeslit by adjusting the tension of the knot and make sure to secure the knot once the eyeslit is formed.
  8. Customize the style and fit depending upon the situation.

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