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Get Into the Paintball Sport with These Paintball Packages

Get into paintball, a great sport for social distancing. Choose from a large selection of affordable paintball gun packages for beginners with excellent delivery options available.

Paintball Starter Kits

Paintball Deals offers paintball gun packages, paintball masks, paintball markers, and other paintball gear at very affordable prices so everyone can get into the great sport of paintball. Our paintball online store has paintball gun kits that include everything you need to get started now. From The JT Stealth to the Empire Axe, we have you covered with complete packages to get you on the field.

Why the Sudden Spike in Paintball Guns Popularity?

Due to the COVID-19 impact, we all must follow the rules of social distancing. This means no more playing traditional sports we all have learned to enjoy. But, all you need is a good paintball package to get started with paintball that’s not only extremely fun but also allows you to play while social distancing. You don’t want to get up close and personal to someone pointing a gun full of paint at you, but if you do, just make sure you shoot first. Everyone is getting in on the game of paintball nowadays and with the great paintball deals, we offer at our paintball store, it doesn’t even cost much to get geared up to win.

How to Play Paintball

Paintball is a competitive shooting sport, typically played by teams where players try to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with a paintball (a dye-filled spherical gelatin capsule that breaks upon impact). The game is played on a playfield that may have artificial or natural terrain shooters can use for tactical cover. Paintball games can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours, but they generally last around a half-hour, depending on the number of players. However, there are weekend games available that can last from 24 to 48 hours.

There Are A Variety of Paintball Games to Play

The best thing about paintball is that you don’t have to stick with the same game as there are many games available to enjoy.


This game requires setting the scene for different scenarios and assigning various goals that teams compete to achieve. For example, one game may require a team to try to get a VIP from one point to another without getting hit, while the other time is trying to hit the VIP.


This is the most common game among paintball players that can be played with teams or individual players. The game is based on the process of elimination, meaning if you get hit; you are eliminated, and the last one standing wins themselves or for their team.

Capture the Flag

In this fun game, your goal is to get through your opponent’s territory to seize their flag and bring it back to your base. It also uses the elimination process.

Browse Our Paintball Store for Cheap Paintball Packages

Get everything you need for a great game of paintball for. Check out our beginner paintball gun packages and equipment available at our paintball store and get ready to play.

Eclipse - Geo - LV1 - CS2 - GTEK 170R - GTEK M170R - Etha 2 - Emek PAL - Emek EMF 100

Field One Force

Dye - DSR Dam - M3 CZR


Gog - Enmey & Pro

Azodin - Kaos 3 - Blitz 4

Jt Stealth

Tippmann - 98 - A5 - TMC - Alpha Elite - Project Salvo - Sierra One - Bravo One - Cronus - Stormer ????

Semi Auto - Magfed - Electronic - Fully Auto - .68 - 50 cal