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Tippmann Cyclone Feed - Paddles - Upgrades

Please browse our great range of Tippmann Cyclone Feed - Paddles - Upgrades. If you need any assistance please get in touch and a member of our expert team will help you with any query you have.

The Tippmann Cyclone Feed System comes standard on the Tippmann A5 and X7. The cyclone feed is also available as an upgrade for Tippmann Markers including the following

  • Alpha Black Elite
  • Bravo One
  • Model 98
  • Project Salvo
  • Sierra One

The cyclone feed uses except gas from the firing process to propel the cyclone feed paddles forward. This provides a smooth and consistent feed without wasting gas. Compatible with CO2 and HPA / Compressed air.

Upgrades are available to increase the firing rate, durability and consistency of your cyclone fee. Techt is a company that designs and manufactures some of the best upgrades in paintball, with many items Made in the USA.

Requires ~30 minute install. Instructions included