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Carbon OPR Paintball Masks - CRBN Harness - Protective Gear

Please browse our great range of Carbon OPR Paintball Masks - CRBN Harness - Protective Gear. If you need any assistance please get in touch and a member of our expert team will help you with any query you have.

Carbon CRBN Paintball Designs and manufacturers the highest quality paintball Harnesses, Masks and protective gear. Designed and used by current pro teams. 

DesignCRBN products are based on simplified designs stressing function over features. Each department works jointly to push the boundaries of conventional product design. Utilizing the latest technologies, materials and manufacturing CRBN is able to produce robust products that perform in extreme conditions.

Manufacturing - Dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship with a thorough approach to precision assembly. Strictly focused on progressive performance products CRBN only trusts advanced materials, fabrics and components to enable CRBN to create technical products that can be trusted in the middle of the match.

PerformanceCRBN’s product line is consistently improving with the support of professional teams. Carbon equipment is tested in real world conditions on a global scale to ensure proper functionality. Rigorous testing, meticulous design and precision construction result in technical products that perform regardless of the conditions.