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The 10 Most Insane Paintball Sites On The Planet

The 10 Most Insane Paintball Sites On The Planet

Paintball itself is pretty insane, right? There’s the adrenaline rush of charging across a field, paintballs shooting past your head as you duck, roll and fire your way forward. It’s just you and your best gear, against the enemy while you capture that flag and eliminate as many as possible before the horn sounds.

If that’s not insane enough for you, how about visiting some of these sites to kick it up a notch?

10. Sherwood Castle at Sherwood Paintball, Indiana, USA

Think you’re a real-life Robin Hood? If so, try and win Sherwood Castle from the despicable Sheriff of Nottingham here. There’s no Maid Marian in a tower, but the sweet taste of victory is enough of a prize. (Green tights not supplied!)

9. Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, California, USA

You can play MilSim on an actual military base! How awesome is that? Make sure you look the part with this Maddog Tactical Camo Vest with Pods accessory kit.

9. Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, California, USA

8. Home of the Predator at Bawtry Paintball, Leicestershire, UK

With everything from an Ewok village to a crazed predator running loose, this is the most intense field for those in the UK. Three-story battlements tower out of the spooky woods, making it perfect for those who love a sniper role.

7. The Base at Blitz Paintball, Colorado, USA

If you can't make it to an actual military base for your MilSim, The Base brings it to you. Artillery gun posts to occupy. Troop transport trucks and rocket launcher trucks. A command post, supply center and separate comms center, too, not to mention a 40-foot helicopter. Oh, and did we forget to mention the nuclear missile silos? With more than 100 bunkers to hunker down in when taking heavy fire, it’s a MilSim dream come true.

6. Abandoned Mental Asylum at Asylum Paintball, Auckland, New Zealand

With themes including "The Killing House" and "Lock Down Ward", Asylum certainly plays on its reputation as one of New Zealand's most haunted buildings. Empty and abandoned for over 20 years, it’s not just the players that stalk the corridors. Was that noise a CO2 tank emptying or a ghost whispering? Do you dare to enter?

5. Fallout at Legacy Adventure Park, Illinois, USA

Not to be confused with the iconic game series, this field is equally epic. This sci-fi themed field is so detailed it’s scary. Not content with a building known as The Crusher at the heart of it, there's also a crashed flying saucer and the remains of burned-out labs and a science facility. We’re not sure if players should be packing an extra tank or a Geiger counter for this alarmingly real-feeling field! Illinois regulars will be pleased to know that Legacy is collaborating with the recently closed CPX to bring many of their awesome feature sets to their park very soon.

4. Nuketown Paintball Field at Paintball Explosion, Illinois, USA

One for all the Call of Duty fans, this scarily detailed paintball field is a recreation of the famous town from the first Black Ops game. Whether you’ve played COD or not, you’ll love this setup. Tippman loves it so much that they sponsor events here. After all, this field could’ve been made for their Bravo One Elite Marker

4. Nuketown Paintball Field at Paintball Explosion, Illinois, USA

3. Assassin in the Ruined City at Hot Shots Paintball, Melbourne, Australia

No prizes for guessing what this one is based on! From the country that gave us Mad Max, the team at Hot Shots has filled its park with movie and game-themed fields. Not only are the fields themselves epic, but their names are pretty awesome, too. Mission Impossi-ball is our favorite.

2. Tippmann Castle at Skirmish Paintball, Pennsylvania, USA

They claim it’s the most famous and biggest paintball castle in the world, and they’re probably right. Crazy angles, double walls, towers three stories high, networks of rooms and an awesome siege tower mean Tippmann Castle is not for the casual player; serious paintballers only for this one. This site also hosts the 4,000+-player event Invasion of Normandy every year, which draws players from around the world.

1. Everything (we can’t choose just one) at Hollywood Sports, California, USA

This is probably the biggest selection of themed paintball fields in the world, with everything from Mad Max to Lunar Wars and plenty in between. Authentic movie props are everywhere, and they even boast a full-on MOUT training course. The attention to detail and the sheer effort put into these fields is heart-stopping. This place is off the chart!

1. Everything (we can’t choose just one) at Hollywood Sports, California, USA

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