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Maddog Paintball Compressed Air Tank 48/3000


Everything to know about the Maddog 48/3000 Compressed Air Paintball Tank:

  • Features
  • How it works
  • Filling the Tank
  • Maintenance
  • Warnings and Dangers
  • Use and Storage
  • Warranty
  • Troubleshooting
  • Buy it now!


The Maddog 48/3000 compressed air paintball tank is constructed using lightweight and sturdy aluminum. Unlike steel or carbon fiber compressed air paintball tanks, aluminum paintball tanks are approved for life long use. This tank is capable of holding up of 48 cubic inches of compressed air or nitrogen at 3000 pounds per square inch. 

How it works:

The INLET is from the fill nipple

The OUTLET is through the pin valve at the top of the tank. This valve is activated when the tank is screwed into the air source adapter at the bottom of the marker or when the silver plunger is screwed in on the remote coil. 


Before you fill the tank:

  • If you have a fill nipple cover, you should remove it.
  • Check the fill nipple (input), be sure that it is clean and free of debris.
  • Know the pressure rating of your tank/regulator, if in doubt only fill to 3000 psi.
  • Maddog tanks show the rated pressure on the regulator directly above the fill nipple. 

To fill:

  • Attach the tank to the fill station's hose via the fill nipple. 
  • Check the gauge of the fill station and the gauge of the tank. 
    • The gauge of the fill station will show you what pressure the fill station will fill your tank too. 
    • The gauge of the paintball tank will show you the pressure that is currently within the tank. 
  • Press the fill station level to equalize the pressure between the fill station and the paintball tank. 
    • Once the air pressure between the paintball tank and the fill station has equalized the gauge of the tank and the fill station should read the same pressure. 
  • Let go of the fill station lever and then remove the hose from your tank's fill nipple.
  • Reattach the fill nipple cover. 

To use:

  • Screw the top of the tank into the air source adapter at the bottom of the paintball marker
  • If you have a remote coil you can screw the tank into the female attachment point on the remote coil.
  • The remote coil can act as an on/off for the air source adapter.  
    • Tightening the textured screw down plunger will activate the regulator's pin valve allowing the output of air pressure from the tank. 
    • Loosening this plunger should close the pin valve thus stopping the output of pressurized air.
    • Be aware, there may be some residual pressurized air within the remote coil after closing the pin valve. 

Check your paintball tank's gauge, the gauge on the regulator should let you know how much air pressure is currently pressing against it. A reading of zero means that the tank is completely empty. You can "bleed" or slowly release any remaining air pressure within the tank by gently pressing on the pin in the center of the regulator at the top of the tank.  

Fill Nipple Cover: These tank accessories come in three different colors, blue, red, and black. It is important to protect your tank's fill valve because paintball is a dirty sport. Covering the fill nipple keeps that dirtiness out of your tank. This way the next time you fill it you do not experience any issues with the regulator. 

Maintenance: Super easy, a little bit goes a long way. Firstly, check the fill nipple, threads, and pin valve for debris. Wipe anything that should not be there away.  

Only trained personnel may full cylinder or repair valve. See the Compressed Gas Association Publications P-1, C-6.1, G-6.8 and AV-1 for filling and repair information. Never fill this cylinder if it has not been hydrostatically tested within the last 5 years. Cylinders must be hydro tested within 5 years of the date stamped on the cylinder. 

Do not overfill this cylinder for any reason. Never fill this cylinder beyond its rated service pressure. See the Compressed Gas AV-1 for filling and repair information

Warnings: Contents under pressure. Read entire label prior to filling of using this cylinder. Failure to read and understand warnings can result in the expulsion of the product, cylinder valve or rupture of the cylinder resulting in property damage, serious injury, or death. 

This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harms. 

Danger: The cylinder and valve can be separated with enough force to maim or fill if the valve unscrews from the cylinder. Look at the valve when removing from the cylinder. Stop if the cylinder starts to unscrew from the valve. Screw the cylinder back on and contact the manufacturer for instructions for repair. 

Use and Storage: 

Only use with equipment rated of the specified cylinder pressure. Never expose this cylinder to flames, ovens, driers or any other source of heat.

Never expose this cylinder to temperatures greater than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never alter the cylinder or valve to corrosive materials, caustic strippers, or cleaners. Do not drop the cylinder, Keep out of reach of children. Avoid breathing cylinder contents. Store in a well-ventilated area. The material in the cylinder can cause frostbite.  

Never lubricate the fill nipple or fill nipple o-ring! If the fill nipple leaks or you suspect the fill nipple o-ring to have failed, then please replace the fill nipple o-ring. Do not attempt to lubricate the internal o-ring, petroleum-based lubricants can ignite under the extreme pressures regularly contained within the paintball tank.  

Warranty: For both Maddog CO2 and compressed air paintball tanks: Within the first thirty days from delivery, will offer to exchange approved returns without expense to the buyer. Up to 6 months from delivery, will offer to send replacement parts without additional expense to the buyer. Alternatively, the buyer can choose to send the tank back for repair. After the first month, the standard warranty applies. The buyer will have pay return shipping, we will pay to ship it back after completing the repairs. Warranty coverage expires six months from the date of delivery.

Trouble Shooting:

Tank leaks:
  • From the fill nipple
    • Clear the fill nipple of any debris.
    • Replace O-ring, size 006, this is a service most paintball fields will provide if you ask for assistance.
    • Still under warranty?
      • Notify us with a description of the issue and your order number.
    • From the pin valve
      • Clear the pin valve of any debris.
      • Test the pin valve by depressing the pin, you should feel the pin resist pressure and rebound up into a closed position once the pressure is relieved. The pin valve may have become jammed and agitating the pin may fix this. 
      • Check the o-ring around the threads for signs of wear and tear that may be causing it to fail.
        • Make sure your air source adapter is turned off when attaching the tank. Only activate the air source adapter after the tank is completely attached.  
        • Replace O-ring, size 015, it is the one that seals the threads of the tank to the air source adapter. This is a standard o-ring the user is expected to maintain and replace these as needed. No technical skills or tools are required to replace this o-ring. 
        • Still under warranty?
          • Notify us with a description of the issue and your order number.
        • From the burst disk
          • If the burst disk has ruptured while filling, or during storage while under pressure, then the parts will have to be replaced
          • Still under warranty?
            • Notify us with a description of the issue and your order number
          • While using a remote coil
          • From the tank attachment point?                         Remote Coil Tank Attachment Point
            • Check the plunger and threads of both the tank attachment point on the remote coil in addition to the tank itself. Make sure your tank's o-ring is in good condition and that the threads are clear of debris. 
            • Turn the textured plunger clockwise to activate the pin valve
              • if the plunger is spinning without moving up and down, use an Allen wrench to tighten the fastening screw recessed within the textured portion of the tank attachment point.
              • If you are experiencing a loss in air pressure when the remote coil is attached, be sure that the textured plunger is not blocking the flow of air by finger tightening the plunger clockwise as far as it will go, and then turning the plunger counter-clockwise 1/2 a rotation. This should allow the plunger to activate the pin valve without obstructing the flow of air to the paintball marker. 
              • From the nipple attachment on the marker  Remote_Coil_Labelled
                • If you hear a leak at the quick disconnect, then turn the textured knob controlling the plunger on the tank attachment point counterclockwise and then remove the quick disconnect similar to the tank's fill nipple. Be careful, compressed air will be stored in the remote coil and the marker, release the compressed air before reattaching the quick disconnect. Ensure that there is no debris interfering with the quick disconnect. Reattach the quick disconnect and then turn the textured plunger clockwise to activate the pin valve and permit the flow of compressed air through the remote coil and into your marker. 
                • If the leak is between the marker and the quick disconnect attachment point, then make sure your marker's air source adapter is activated, and the adapter is screwed all way into the back of the paintball marker. You may have to replace the o-ring, size 015, on the adapter if it is showing any signs of wear or tear and leaking. 
                Still having trouble? Send us an e-mail, or give us a call at 805-275-2040. We operate Monday through Friday from 9-5 PST.


                Buy it now: Maddog Paintball Compressed Air Tank 48/3000 



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