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Get Your Gi On!- Gi Sizing and Care Advice For Martial Artists

  • TL/DR: Zephyr Gis follow brand sizing, choose the larger one, it will shrink, wash cold and hang to air dry, don't neglect it. Care for your Gi don't be the stinky Gi guy/gal. Everyone will appreciate it. 

Make sure your Martial Arts Gi will fit you! With proper care your Gi will fit comfortably, last long, and smell nice. advises new owners to try the Gi on and test the fit to make sure it is the right size. It is important to wear a Gi that fits properly. 

If the Gi is too small, please, do not wash it. It is likely to shrink and if you do wash it, then cannot accept it in exchange for a larger size. Additionally, if the Gi is too large and shrinking a couple inches in the length of the pants and one or two inches in the length and width of the jacket would not provide a comfortable fit, then please, do not wash the Gi because washed items cannot be returned or exchanged for a smaller size. 

If you are happy with the size of your Gi, or it is just a little large then recommends the first time you wash the Gi by itself. This protects you, sets the colors, and removes chemicals left over from manufacturing. Further washings should be with like colors. (You would not want to turn your white Gi into a pink one by accident)

To Wash:

Turn the Gi inside out, use cold water and detergent without bleach. Do not bleach your Gi. Do not use detergents that incorporate bleach in their formula.  

Stinky? Dank scents that won't go away? Try mixing 1/2 cup of vinegar for each stinky Gi into a 15-20 minute cold water agitated soak, prior to washing. The vinegar can help to remove foul smelling bacteria from the fibers. After the soak, wash with detergent in cold water like normal.

To Dry:

Hang your Gi in a well ventilated area, you can alternate between direct sunlight and shaded areas, but beware repeated expose to direct sunlight will "yellow" white Gis and fade colored Gis in addition to patches.  

Repeatedly air drying in direct sunlight, using stronger concentrated detergents, or tumble drying your Gi will cause extra wear, faded colors, and/or distortion. So follow our advice concerning care and maintenance to extend the life of your Gi's fabric, color, and patches. 

  • Sizing

Please reference this sizing chart for our brand of Jiu Jitsu Gis, as sizing is not uniform across all brands and styles. Zephyr has designated sizes 000-2 as childrens' sizes for Karate Style Gis. Size A0-A1 are designated children sizes for BJJ Gis.

BJJ gi size chart                     Karate gi 

For example, another brand offers Jiu Jitsu Gis in which their A0 size is comparable to our A3, therefore it is important to refer to the sizing chart for our brand of Gi. Everyone's body is different because of this the sizing chart may not reflect your individual size, shape, or build. Therefore recommends ordering the larger size if your height and weight fall between two sizes. This is because the Gi can be shrunk. It is important to realize that washing the Gi will allow make it ineligible for returns or exchanges. In addition materials cannot, "unshrink" so make sure to handle your Gi with care. 

  • Pieces

The Jiu Jitsu Gi is made of three pieces,the uwagi, shitabaki, and obi. The uwagi is the heavy fabric jacket. This piece is made of the heaviest material and is slightly shorter and tighter than the Karate or Tae Kwon Do styles. The collar is thick, making it more durable and difficult to grab on to. The shitabaki is a lighter fabric pant with reinforced knees, and the obi is the cotton belt and indicates the rank of the individual.

The Karate Style Gi is made of three pieces similar to the Jiu-Jitsu Gi. There are three styles offered by The K-Tech, the lightest model, is made for students limiting their martial arts practice to striking techniques. The KSport is the student's style Gi with more colors and generic features that cater to various forms of martial arts. The KPRO is the top of the line Gi at 14 ounces this Gi is the heaviest and highest quality of karategi available through 

The Tae Kwon Do dobok is made of three pieces a pullover top, belt, and pants. Construction is most similar to the KSport Karate style. The unique pullover top is designed with Tae Kwon Do techniques in mind so the martial artist can focus on their technique instead of keeping the jacket closed. 

  • Shrinking 

All Zephyr Gis are made of a polyester and cotton blend. Slight shrinking is to be expected after washing and drying. This can be good and bad. If a Gi is too large a warm wash and air dry could shrink it to the right fit. It is not recommended to machine dry, be wary, once a Gi has shrunk it cannot be undone. Tumble drying the Gi will shrink it and can damage the material. 

Pants: apparent shrinkage, length of the pants have been known to shrink more than the width. 

Jacket: minimal shrinkage, proportional between the length of the body and width of the arms. 

  • Proper Care

Once your Gi fits properly the best way to maintain it is to wash using cold water, do NOT use bleach or detergents that contain bleach and other harsh chemicals. Always air dry your Gi, for the most part, keep it out of the sun when doing so. 

It is recommended that you wash your Gi inside out. Martial Arts Gis should be washed after each use. Always air out your Martial Arts Gi if you are not washing your Gi shortly after use, this prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Following these instructions will ensure you maximize the lifespan of your Gi, keep its color from fading, and protect any patches. 

By maintaining socially acceptable hygienic standards you protect yourself and your training partners from various infections and embarrassment.
  • Styles offers three different types of martial arts Gis, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. There are three different styles of Karate Gis, one style of the BJJ Gi and one style of Tae Kwon Do Gi.

The Karate and Tae Kwon Do style Gis follow the same sizing chart. The BJJ Gis follow a separate sizing chart. Please make sure you choose the size that is right for you. Do not base your size off of previously purchased  

    • Summary

    Follow Zephyr Gi Sizing chart: pick the bigger size, Karate and Tae Kwon Do Sizes 000-2 are children's sizes for BJJ style Gis A0-A1 are children's sizes.

    Wash your Gi shortly after class, turn it inside out, use cold water.

    Do Not use warm water or tumble dry. Do Not use bleach or strong chemicals.

    Always air dry, alternate between the sun and shade, ensure area is well ventilated. 

    Used and/or washed items will not be accepted for returns. 

    First wash the Gi by itself, then wash with like colors. If your Gi is white be careful to wash with whites or alone. White Gi's will absorb colors and colored Gi's will bleed their color after the first wash.  longer appear white after they have been washed with other colors.

    • TL/DR: Zephyr Gis follow brand sizing, choose the larger one, it will shrink, wash cold and hang to air dry, don't neglect it. Care for your Gi don't be the stinky Gi guy/gal. Everyone will appreciate it. 


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