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A Definitive Guide to Must-Have Paintball Gear

This year, more people have realized that paintball is the perfect socially distant sport. Paintball is fun, exhilarating, and lets you work off tension in a fun and healthy way. It's open to everybody, but you have to get some specialized paintball gear first.

If you want to get into the game but don't know where to start, don't worry. In this article, we're going to break down everything you need to know before getting on the field. You'll need to stock up on some gear, but you'll be shooting away in no time.

Keep reading to learn about the most essential gear for paintballing!

Must-Have Paintball Gear

Building up a collection of beginner paintball gear won't be a difficult task. You can find lots of affordable gear that will have you ready to get on the field.

You can have a great time on the paintball field with beginner gear. Though upgrading your gear as you become more proficient is the right choice, here are the must-haves for your first game.

1. Paintball Masks

Rule zero of paintball is to protect your face. You cannot enter a game of paintball without face protection designed for paintballing.

Paintball is fun, but paintballs against bare skin will hurt. If one hits you in the eyes or nose, you could get seriously injured.

Try to have more than one mask before your first game. This way, if anything goes wrong (unlikely, but possible!) you'll still be able to play.

2. Paintball Guns

A paintball gun, or marker, is essential to every game of paintball. You can't play without one!

Guns fall into three main categories: mechanical, electrical, and pump style. You may not know which gun is best for you until after you've played with different types. But finding a straightforward, affordable marker to begin with is easy!

If you have friends who are experienced paintballers, take their opinions into consideration. Otherwise, read plenty of reviews and buyer's guides to make sure your first gun is right for you.

3. Extra Tanks

Stock up on CO2 tanks before hitting the field. Paintball guns of all varieties depend on some form of compressed air to propel the paint forward. You don't want to be caught without power!

It can be easy to forget about or overlook these tanks. They're small, and you're usually focused on the bigger items when packing. But these canisters are vital to the game!

If you have a gear bag or a tactical belt, see if you can slip a couple of canisters into there. This way, they'll be easy to reach and access mid-game. No need to rustle around a cluttered duffel!

4. Protective Gear

Look: after a good round of paintball, you'll have some bruises. But you can minimize the damage done with the right protective gear. That said, you shouldn't play paintball without some degree of protective gear: your body will suffer if you go bare!

A few crucial items of protective gear you will need include:

  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Neck protection
  • Padded vest
  • Paintball gloves

You can find protective gear that's lightweight and scant, and bulked-up pieces that will cushion every blow. There are also full protective bodysuits you can find that do the work of several pieces of clothing.

5. Tactical Vest

When it comes to carrying around your miscellaneous gear, you have a few options. You can stuff it all into a backpack or duffel bag and hope for the best. You can find a sling or tactical belt.

However, nothing provides the versatility that a tactical vest does. A tactical vest will protect your chest and back while also carrying around your gear. The pockets, loops, and zips will come in handy mid-game!

Find a vest that feels intuitive. You want to be able to reach what you need in an instant while on the field!

6. Hopper

Unless you want to insert your paintballs one-by-one into the marker, you're going to need a hopper. A hopper is a funnel-shaped tool that you can pour your paintballs into, and it will feed them into the chamber of your gun.

Hoppers make reloading quick and easy, and are lightweight enough to carry around. You can go as low-tech as you like and just use a plastic funnel! But there are many high-tech hoppers and loaders that have perfected the loading process.

Start simple before splurging on a great hopper. You'll want to be sure that you'll use it!

7. Paintballs!

This probably goes without saying, but you can't play paintball without paintballs! Paintballs are made of a semi-hard plastic shell with liquid paint inside. They burst upon impact and splatter your target with non-toxic paint.

Don't skimp when buying paintballs. You want to get ones that will perform as intended, and not burst early. Having a paintball break in the hopper or barrel is infuriating!

Otherwise, get whatever colors and models you want. There are thousands of vibrant hues on the market!

Finding a Good Starter Kit

If you don't want to piece together a kit on your own, look into paintball starter kits. These kits are great for beginners, as you'll receive essential gear without having to make every choice.

Starter kits usually come with a mask, gun, and all the necessary accessories. You can then update and replace items as needed to build your own kit! Paintball starter kits also make great gifts.

Many starter kits center around a certain model of a paintball marker. The accessories are meant specifically for use with that gun. This ensures that everything works together just as intended!

Get Ready to Ball

We hope this article showed you the most essential paintball gear for beginners. Once you get into the game, you'll be glad you came prepared! Before long, you'll be a regular baller.

Now that you know what you need, find it all over on Paintball Deals! We carry the highest-rated gear for beginners and pros alike. Check out our new arrivals here!

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