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HK Army Premier Paint .68 Caliber Paintballs - Level 3/5 - Shell / Fill Color Varies

SKU: HK-2070-L3YELMGRN-1000HK Army 6Available Order by 2pm PST for Same Day Shipping*
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Product Description

HK Army Premier paint delivers a quality, mid-grade paintball that can be trusted in any rec-ball or tournament field scenario. Shell color provides a stealthier ball that makes it more difficult for your opponents to see coming. Premier paintballs perform well in all weather conditions and environments. The Premier grade was developed to provide players a reliable, accurate paintball at an affordable price.


  • Full Case of Paintballs (4 bags of 500, total of 2,000 paintballs)
  • .68 Caliber Paintballs
  • HK Army Premier Brand Paint - Level 3/5
  • Shell / Fill Color Varies
  • Accurate flight
  • Eco-friendly

NOTE: All cases of paint are opened before shipment to ensure that there are no broken paintballs. Once the package has been inspected then it will be re-taped and initialed to verify that it has been checked. All cases of paint are then wrapped in a bubble wrap and placed in a box surrounded by packing paper. Sorry but there are no returns on paintballs that are shipped out. We take every precaution to get you your paint in the best condition and in the shortest time.d in the shortest time.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Peasley
Great paintball for the price.

This paintball is in the middle level range but all honestly for the price, it's the best. It doesn't fail or break before it hits it's intended target. So you won't find broken balls in your ammo tubes or feeder. They don't break or burst from the force of the shot when being fired. It scores about the middle average on how well it marks the target. However it scores at the very high end of average on how hard it hits the target and how it breaks up upon the target. It's very hard hitting and it marks the target with a tight small splat. I like that feature the best. When needing to sight in or just to get more accurate shots then it's the best I've tried so far. I would recommend anyone to try from beginner to experience user.