Azodin Kaos 2 Starter Protective CO2 Paintball Gun Package

The perfect marker for any entry level paintballer! Easy to use! Easy to maintain! Gets the job done! No fuss operation. Simple, reliable, lightweight, and affordable. The Kaos 2 is a modern rendition of Azodin's signature Kaos Series. It is more sleek and ergonomic in comparison to its predecessor and maintains the durability and simplicity users have come to expect. Its receiver has been streamlined making it lighter and thus offers better acuity when sighting potential targets. Along with the new 45 degree gas-thru grip, which offers improved handling during firefights, the Kaos 2 also features Azodin's latest parts which includes a screw-lock feedneck, the new slim dovetail ASA, and a 12'' multiphase honed barrel. The Kaos 2 combines modern aesthetics with proven reliability.

Kaos 2 Features:
* Semi - Automatic .68 Cal Marker
* Adjustable from 250-325 FPS
* Barrel Thread: Autococker
* 12" Multiphase Honed Barrel
* Lighter Body
* Screw-Lock Feedneck
* 45 Degree Gas Thru Foregrip
* Double Trigger Frame
* Slim Dovetail ASA
* Stainless Steel Hose
* Feather Striker
* Quick Strip Bolt and Striker Assembly
* Compatible with CO2 and HPA

Protective CO2 Package Includes:
* Proto Primo Paintball Loader
* Anti-Fog Paintball Mask
* 20oz CO2 Tank (Shipped EMPTY)
* Maddog Chest Protector
* Maddog Neck Protector
* Maddog Half Finger Gloves
* Maddog 4+1 Harness
* (4) Standard Paintball Pods



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