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Tippmann Cronus Tactical .68 Cal Semi Auto Paintball Guns

Please browse our great range of Tippmann Cronus Tactical .68 Cal Semi Auto Paintball Guns. If you need any assistance please get in touch and a member of our expert team will help you with any query you have.

Tippmann Cronus offers user friendly customization options built around the mechanical internals of the Tippmann 98. This semi-automatic mechanical paintball marker is the perfect first paintball gun for someone just getting involved in the sport. This marker will last longer than you, and is a valuable back up option. You don't have to worry about letting a clumsy friend borrow the Tippmann Cronus as it is made with the Tippman standard of durability and includes their two year marker guarantee. Since it is a completely mechanical paintball gun it is one of the simplest to maintain, can run compressed air or CO2 air systems, and won't prevent you from playing in any level of game*.