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  • CLEARANCE GenX Global Stealth Paintball Goggles - Black - OPEN BOXCLEARANCE GenX Global Stealth Paintball Goggles - Black - OPEN BOX
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    CLEARANCE GenX Global Stealth Paintball Goggles - Black - OPEN BOX
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Just like anything else, not all paintball masks are created equal.. Every paintball mask we carry offers enough protection to do the job, but some goggles are built with more features than others… We suggest you choose a mask you’ll want to wear again and again! - After all, face protection is required at all times, so you’re gonna have to! Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right mask for you..

Paintball masks are the most important piece of equipment in your gear bag! Not only in terms of protection, but really, a better mask can make you a better paintballer! The mask you choose plays a big part in your performance - you have to be able to see out there and you have to be comfortable.

Let’s face it.. The Pro’s aren’t playing in rental gear.
Most paintball fields offer an industry-standard single-pane anti fog paintball mask. These are the cheapest paintball mask available and for some entry-level players, it’s enough.. They offer a single pane lens system, basic full-face protection, minimal foam padding, and are built with hard plastics to withstand direct hits. If you’ve played in one of these before, you know depending on how hot it is outside, these masks may fog easily and do not offer much in the way of comfort.. Maybe great for a day at the field, not so much if you’re planning on playing every weekend, etc.

As you move up the ranks, you’re gonna want a higher quality paintball mask. The most important part of the paintball mask and first thing that is upgraded as you move up in quality is the lens system. Spending a little extra on a dual-pane thermal lens paintball mask upfront rather than saving a few bucks on an entry-level single-pane mask makes all the difference. Single-pane lens systems are typically clear, yellow, or smoke in color and use 1 piece of material as a basic face shield built to withstand impacts. Entry-level single pane paintball masks are a great cheap option for eye protection but are more prone to fog and do not do much in the way of comfort. Again, you’re going to be wearing your mask all-day at the field. The reason single pane paintball masks fog more often is the same as how your home or car windows fog up when it’s cold outside.. Cold air on one side of the single pane and hot air on the other creates condensation which then turns into fog. In paintball, when you’re out on the field sweating in the heat of the battle, the temperature on the inside of your paintball mask gets hotter than the outside temperature. So with the difference in temperature on both sides of the single pane lens, condensation is created and ends up fogging up your mask..

The only way to counteract the fog effectively is to use a Dual-Pane Lens system. Dual pane lens systems use two single lenses bound together with a pocket of air separating the two lenses in between. The air pocket between the two lenses of the dual pane system creates a separation that allows each side of the inside and outside lenses to be different temperatures reducing condensation and eliminating the chances of a fogged lens. Another benefit of using a dual-pane lens system is they tend to wrap significantly farther around the head than your basic entry-level mask. So not only are you reducing the chances of your mask fogging, but you’re also increasing your field of vision enabling better use of your peripherals to sight the opposition.

Since we’re breaking down the fog issues often experienced when using cheaper paintball masks, another thing to consider to help keep your mask from fogging is the seal around your nose and cheek area. Higher quality masks use better materials in their construction. The internal foam of the mask not only provides comfort, but also helps create a proper seal and snug fit. Basic entry-level masks come with denser foam so if the “one-size fits most” mask does not fit or seal properly there is a higher chance the mask will fog as you huff and puff out there.

Another note regarding the lens of your mask is most paintball masks offer easy interchangeable replacement lenses. Whether you’re using a cheap paintball mask with a single-pane lens or an upgraded dual-pane thermal goggle, the mask lens may get scratched, scuffed, or just covered in paint during gameplay so having a couple extra replacement lenses on hand isn’t a bad idea. Better quality masks usually have more replacement lens options to choose from so you can not only match the rest of your gear but also take control over the color of the lens you're looking through. This is not just a cool feature, it also helps with glare and lighting conditions. Some paintball masks lenses are easier to swap out than others with tool-less lens replacement etc. However you need to do it - Remove the lens, pop-in a freshy and it’s game on.

Bottomline, ask any paintball player out there and they’ll tell you - For comfort, field of vision, keeping that fog off your lens, and overall experience, a dual-pane lens paintball mask is the way to go!

From there, it’s all about price point and personal preference. While you don’t need to blow your wad on the best paintball mask pro model out there, you might want to spend a little more than the bare minimum since you’ll be wearing your mask all day on the field, not to mention every time you go out to play. If you’re a serious paintballer, you know your paintball mask is crucial. More expensive paintball masks offer a comfier fit through use of better materials, a better field of vision, and a host of other bells and whistles depending on how high-end we’re talkin’.. The best paintball masks in the business are designed by top brands in the industry. Each of these top brands offer their own version of a standard paintball goggle all the way up to a pro model used by tournament and professional paintball players. Do a little research and see what’s right for you!

As an Authorized Dealer of all the brands we carry, The following is a breakdown of all the paintball masks we have to offer directly from the manufacturers. We stand by what we sell. If you experience any issues with your mask we will repair or replace it within 45 days of your order. 

Dye Paintball Masks

Dye SE Thermal Paintball Mask

The new lightweight DYE SE Goggle comes standard with an all-new, innovative, and patented (SLS) Switch Lens System. The upgraded SLS thermal lens means that you won't fog in the worst of conditions. The patented SLS allows you to easily take out and replace the SLS 260degree triodial lens in just 10 seconds. A sleek one-piece solid construction design with built-in visor gives protection from paintball impacts, while keeping down glare. Comfort and fit is achieved by using DYE's anatomic fit and proven superior comfort foam. Directional venting makes sure your voice is projected and allows for breathability.

Dye SE Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Double paned, Thermoformed Inner Lens for fog and distortion free vision
  • SLS Triodial lens gives you the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision
  • Patented 1/4 turn buckle quick change lens allows you to switch lenses easily and in less time than others
  • Multi-ported ear pieces allow you to hear what's happening around you
  • Unidirectional venting keeps you cool and reduces fogging
  • Lightweight
  • Built in visor
  • 260* Peripheral vision
  • 10 second lens change
  • Superior comfort foam

Dye I4 Thermal Paintball Mask

The smallest profile, lightest, and best field of vision goggle system available. The i4 is the apex of Dye's long legacy of goggle engineering. The thermal lens leads the industry in optical clarity and provides a distortion and fog free field of vision regardless of weather. Ear protection is critical, but does not need to be bulky. The i4 system also has a variety of lens options to match your lighting conditions.

Dye I4 Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Polycarbonate Lens w/ Variety of others to Choose
  • 300 Stitch Count Strap
  • Chin Strap
  • Lightweight

Dye I5 Thermal Paintball Mask

The next evolution in the DYE goggle line is also the next evolution in paintball eye and face protection technology. New groundbreaking features like the GSR pro-strap and e.VOKE communication system make the i5 the most advanced goggle system in the industry today. Engineered to perform, designed to inspire, the i5 is the pinnacle of paintball mask development. The new i5 goggle system is an aggressive, Ultralite mask, offering more protection, more venting, better comfort, better sound processing and better safety, all combined for complete unmatched performance. The Tirodial Horizon 290 degree anti-fog thermal lens, gives you unparalleled optical clarity with both vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. The new soft touch multi-layer foam works in tandem with the all new GSR Pro-Strap, to give you the most secure and most comfortable fit ever offered in a paintball goggle system. A first for the paintball industry: upgrade with the new technology e.VOKE unit and your i5 & M2 are in instant communication, feeding you vital game time information wirelessly. The i5 goggle system lets you play the game at another level. This is the next evolution in paintball goggle system technology.

Dye I5 Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Dye e.VOKE Compatible (e.VOKE System Sold Separately)
  • Mask Protection v11.5
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Heads Up POV Mount
  • SCREAM Multi-Directional Venting
  • Sound Catch
  • Ultralite Construction
  • Anatomic Fit and Function
  • Soft Touch Multi Layer Foam
  • Quick Release Foam Kit Replacement
  • Rapid Lens Change using I4 / I5 Lenses
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Horizon 290 Lens System
  • Compression Formed Ears

Empire Paintball Masks

Empire Helix Single Paintball Mask

The Helix hardcore base model - a hardshell mask. The Helix comes with a single pane lens. All models come with a Vents "Browser" (combined Visor and Brow Shield).The Helix Single model takes player comfort and upgradability to new levels the Dual Density foam giving players the best comfort and the interchangeable lens. Get started fast with a Helix.

Empire Helix Single Lens Goggle Features:

  • 100% Optically Correct Viewing
  • Clear single pane lens
  • Browser (visor / browshield combined)
  • Silicone Beaded Non-slip strap
  • Easy lens changeability
  • Firm plastic mask for protection

Empire Helix Thermal Paintball Mask

The Empire Helix takes player comfort and upgradability to new levels. The Dual Density foam giving paintball and airsoft players the best comfort and the interchangeable lens puts an end to fogging. This is one of our most popular and best value entry level thermal mask.

Empire Helix Thermal Goggle Features:

  • 100% Optically Correct Viewing - See what you shoot!
  • Includes Empire Dual Pane Clear lens --This is the same lens as the more expensive goggles
  • Browser (visor / brow shield combined) Protects from painful head shots
  • Adjustable Silicone Beaded Non-slip head strap keeps the mask on your head while on the field
  • Easy Quick change lens system
  • Firm plastic mask for face and ear protection
  • Compatible with Empire Lenses

Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask

Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from our vastly experienced players to create the unique EVS paintball mask. The Empire EVS goggle was the world's first "Smart Paintball Mask" and is at the forefront of innovative design and unlike any mask in paintball, where the wide-view spherical lens is seamlessly part of the overall goggle. EVS is the apex of technology, appearance, protection and breathability, all-in-one serious kickbutt goggle! INCLUDES BONUS CLEAR THERMAL LENS!

Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Goggle Features:

  • BONUS Clear Thermal Lens Included
  • Quick and simple, tool-free lens replacement
  • Distortion free spherical lens with 270-degree field of vision
  • ASTM approved mask provides maximum eye protection
  • Dual-pane lens creates a thermal barrier to reduce fogging
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective lens that blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B radiation
  • Flexible, co-injection molded lower skirt encourages ball bounces
  • Triple density face foam with moisture-wicking fleece for a secure and comfortable feel
  • Silicone backed head-strap for a secure, non-slip fit
  • Thermo-formed ear for maximum comfort and excellent hearing
  • Protective micro-fiber goggle bag
  • Visor sold separately

Carbon CRBN Paintball Masks

OPR Operator Thermal Paintball Mask

Carbon Paintball OPR Operator Thermal Paintball Mask Goggle System - The ideal integrated mask and goggle system with a balance of fit, breathability, protection, and value. Exceeds ASTM safety standards for protection from both .68 and .50 paintballs. Quick change wide-angle dual-pane thermal lens with true optical clarity. Improved facemask molding for a softer contoured profile with an integrated visor for complete coverage. Moisture-wicking open-cell modular foam inserts can be replaced tool-free in seconds.

CRBN OPR OPERATOR Thermal Goggle System Features:

  • Equipped with SMOKE Dual-Pane Thermal Lens
  • Built-in Visor - The built-in visor provides added lens protection and cuts glare in all conditions
  • Built-in chin strap to meet field and tournament requirements
  • Strong and comfortable polymer construction
  • Quick-change lens and foam system
  • Woven strap with silicone non-slip coating
  • Contoured profile with canted mask venting

Push UNITE Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask

Push UNITE Quad-Pane Thermal Paintball Goggle Masks

Experience is everything. The Push Unite goggle combines decades of knowledge from the most influential players in the game. The result is the most advanced goggle system on the market that refuses to be beat in fit, function, and style. The Unite goggle features total face fit customization with an adjustable nose bridge, soft earpieces, and dual-injection molded plastic parts. An unprecedented 16 ventilation zones maximize airflow to keep you cool, comfortable, and improve communication. The optically correct spherical lens is larger, stronger, and lighter than ever with a quick change system that is both easy and effective. Maximize your vision and maximize your experience with this state-of-the-art goggle system from Push.

(Push Unite Goggle Mask Features Vary Model to Model)

  • Unite Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask System Features:

    • Nose Bridge Adjustment System

      • This exclusive design allows you to adjust nose by allen tool for custom fit
      • Creates a perfect seal to eliminate rising hot air from breathing heavy
      • Customizes fit for improved comfort and functionality
    • Unite Thermal Lens
      • Optically correct massive field of view, Quad layer anti-fog ensures no fog while playing
    • Quick-Change Lens System
      • Change out your lens in seconds! (Additional lenses available for every condition and any look!)
    • Magnetic Chin-Strap

      • Super easy to connect even using one hand. Just bring both pieces close to each other and it will connect
    • Superlight Multilayer Structure
      • Universal fit
      • Flex and strength where you need it. Lighter than ever.
      • Improved comfort fit for all head sizes
      • Soft cup formed ear pieces with improved hearing
    • 16 Strategic Ventilation Zones
      • Evacuate hot air, keeping your face cool, and your lens clear while improving communication and hearing with no echo inside the goggle.
    • Triple Layer Face Foam
      • The highest quality moisture-wicking triple-layer face foam, for optimal fit and comfort
    • Anti Reflection Bridge
      • Helps reduce inner lens glare, by casting a shadow over the top venting
    • Protective Travel Case
      • Molded to the goggle shape for perfect fit and zero wasted space in your bag
      • Silicone

V-Force Paintball Masks

V-Force Armor Single-Lens Paintball Mask

The VForce Armor is the #1 answer for budget conscious players offering the lowest cost, superb lens life and excellent customer satisfaction goggle system. Also popular as a rental mask at your local paintball field. This rigid vision system is perfect for the newer players who want maximum protection with clear, reliable Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch and Thermo-Cured lenses that will outlast every other brand!

VForce Armor Single Lens Goggle Features:

  • Durable HardCoat Anti-Scratch clear lens
  • Bio-Fit frame eliminates pressure-points for all-day comfort
  • Fits over most eyeglasses
  • Free Flex Visor protects your forehead
  • Rigid Full-Face, forehead and ear protection for secure confidence
  • Quick-Change lens drastically reduces maintenance
  • Commercial-duty design = maximum durability
  • Fast-drying closed-cell foam

V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask

The GRILL sets the new trend with its intense look of pure attitude. The unmatched comfort of this lightweight masterpiece inspires total focus on your game.

VForce Grill Thermal Goggle Features:

  • V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Masks come equipped with a CLEAR Thermal Lens
  • Quick-change Click-Dry Foam system - Revolutionary foam-swap system for fresh, dry foam in a snap
  • Quick-change ThermoCured Lens - Lens interchangeable, easier than ever
  • Quick-change Strap - Close-contact Posi-clip strap
  • Sleek spherical lens - Aggressive, low profile sunglass-inspired 3D lens shape for unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Hard target design - Ultra low profile design to further reduce the target zone
  • Cutting edge optics - Industry leading Thermocured antifog and antiscratch lenses with unbeatable distortion free optics
  • Customizable lenses - Adapt to any light condition with yellow or smoke tinted, mirrored, or photochromatic lenses
  • Maximum bounce - Full-flex ProGrill center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor
  • Ultra lightweight construction for unrestricted movement
  • Built in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection
  • ProVisor - increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions
  • ComfortChin Strap - Increased stability for a faster game

V-Force Profiler Thermal Paintball Mask

The first paintball goggle system from VForce to attain legendary status in top levels of international competition. The Profiler vision system is a true proven winner designed for all formats of paintball play. Vision is super clean and distortion free with a Dual Pane/Thermal lens system that ensures fog-free performance. An ultra-lightweight, comfortable and unrestrictive goggle that incorporates soft full-flex panels for ultimate ‘bounce’ without sacrificing strength and durability. The Profiler is ultimately engineered for a maximum range of vision and loaded with innovative Quick-Change features make this paintball mask sought out by speedball pros, scenario enthusiasts and intermediate players everywhere.

VForce Profiler Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Quick Change Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens for super-fast lens interchangeability
  • Quick Change Strap
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for unrestricted movement and comfort
  • Pro Visor providing increased protection for sunny or rainy conditions
  • Silicone strap for increased stability
  • Full-Flex center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor
  • Low profile design enables super-tight play
  • Industry leading Dual-Pane/Thermal lenses and Anti-Scratch coating providing unbeatable distortion-free optics
  • 280° of enhanced field of vision for unrestricted view of every angle
  • Adapt to any light condition with replacement lenses available in Clear and Smoke
  • Aftermarket High Definition Refractive Lens for zero glare and reduced UV available in varied colors


HK Army Paintball Masks

HK Army HSTL Goggle - Single Lens Paintball Mask

HSTL Goggle System - Composed of a robust blend of thermoplastic, the design of the HSTL face mask protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability and freedom of movement. The HSTL Goggle System features the quick change lens retention system which allows the player to replace their lens in seconds without the use of tools.

HSTL Single Lens Goggle Features:

  • Equipped with Clear SINGLE Lens
  • Snap in place removable upper and lower goggle foam insert
  • Quick-change lens retention system
  • Adjustable anti-slip goggle strap
  • Adjustable chin strap with comfort pad
  • Vents spread throughout the goggle to enhance breathability and hearing
  • Lightweight design

HK Army HSTL Goggle Thermal Paintball Mask

HSTL Goggle System - Composed of a robust blend of thermoplastic, the design of the HSTL face mask protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability and freedom of movement. The HSTL Goggle System features the quick change lens retention system which allows the player to replace their lens in seconds without the use of tools.

HSTL Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Equipped with Clear THERMAL Dual Paned Lens
  • Snap in place removable upper and lower goggle foam insert
  • Optically correct high definition dual-pane thermal lens to prevent any possible fogging
  • Quick-change lens retention system
  • Adjustable anti-slip goggle strap
  • Adjustable chin strap with comfort pad
  • Vents spread throughout the goggle to enhance breathability and hearing
  • Lightweight design

HK Army KLR Thermal Paintball Mask

Composed of a robust blend of thermoplastic elastomer, the design of the KLR face mask protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability and freedom of movement. The KLR Goggle System can be customized to fit any customer's aesthetic desires by simply changing the high-density compression molded earpieces or PVTLock lens retention system.

HK Army KLR Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Equipped with Thermal Lens
  • Snap in place removable goggle foam insert
  • Tri-layer face foam for maximized comfort
  • Optically correct high definition dual-pane thermal lens to prevent any possible fogging
  • PVT Lock quick-change lens retention system
  • High-density compression molded earpieces
  • Adjustable anti-slip goggle strap
  • Adjustable chin strap with comfort pad
  • Sublimated goggle bag with drawstring closure

HK Army SLR Thermal Paintball Mask

Introducing the All-New HK Army SLR Goggle System. HK Army's Thermal SLR face mask protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability, audible clarity, and freedom of movement. Accepts HK Army's HD Pure Lens system for a completely customized look and clear field of vision in any lighting condition!

HK Army SLR Thermal Goggle Features:

  • Highly focused ventilations zones around the entire mask allows your voice to naturally expand outward creating a clarity white neutralizing echo throughout the mask
  • Unique blend of angular ventilation zones for maximum protection and breathability
  • 3D Memory Foam features a tri-layer density foam technology that creates unparalleled comfort and fit. The upper and lower foam parts can be easily removed and attached without the use of tools or glue
  • HD Pure lens system is composed of optical grade polycarbonate for maximized clarity. The Pure lens system has been designed to provide a full field of vision and comes equipped with anti-fog dual-layer thermal
  • Improved audible clarity due to the streamlined ear panels with optimal ear-vent placement
  • Secure Clip-Lock System allows the user to customize the SLR frame and quickly change the lens without the use of any tools
  • Adjustable chin strap with innovative magnetic slide release buckles and removable soft foam padding
  • CTX Goggle Strap Pad is designed to make your goggle strap more comfortable and adds padded protection to the back of your head

JT Paintball Paintball Masks

JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Paintball Mask

JT Spectra Pro-Shield Paintball Goggle System, the original and the most popular paintball goggle system. The JT Spectra Proshield is the #1 selling premium paintball mask in the sport's history. The Proshield utilizes an incredibly soft and deep mask foam to fit a wide variety of faces in all day comfortable wear. The wide, 260 degree Spectra lens set the standard in goggle field of view and is a perfect choice for players who need to wear glasses under their mask. The plastic face shield provides excellent protection with easy breathing ventilation. the removable visor keeps sun and rain off the lens while protecting the forehead be deflecting incoming paintballs up and over the head. A dual Pane thermal lens offers the best defense against fogging during play. Play with confidence in a JT Spectra Pro Shield Paintball Mask!

JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Paintball Goggle Features:

  • Equipped with Clear Thermal Lens
  • Popular fo players who wear glasses under the mask
  • Hard plastic pro-shield mask
  • Many upgrades are available for this paintball goggle system.
  • Includes visor and double paned thermal lens
  • Accepts Spectra lenses


Gen-X Global

Gen-X Global Stealth Single Lens Paintball Mask

Full-Face Hard Plastic Protection, Closed Cell Foam, and Adjustable Head Strap - Basic kit mask you might rent at a paintball field.

GenX Global Stealth Single Lens Goggle Features:

  • Equipped with Clear Single-Pane Lens
  • Quick Release Lens System
  • Anti Scratch / Fog Lens
  • Low Profile Design
  • Visor & Strap
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