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SYX 1.5 Paintball Guns | Paintball Markers

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Use fewer filters or clear all stocks the most popular paintball guns in the sport. Looking for your first marker? Getting ready for your next tournament? MAGFED?! Check out some of the most popular brands below.

Dye Paintball Guns - Founded in 1994, Dye makes some of the best paintball guns, masks & Loaders in the world. Dye makes a broad range of markers from the entry level Rize CZR to the Mid Level Dye DSR and the top of the line Dye Matrix DM line for the professional tournament crowd. Looking for a tactical option? The Dye Dam has you covered. Dye markers all require a HPA / compressed air tank.

Empire Paintball Guns 

GoG Paintball Guns

HK Army Paintball Guns

JT Paintball Guns

  • JT Stealth - Entry Level Semi Auto Stealth packages are the most affordable way to get on the field with your own gear. Stealth Kits includes an anti fog mask with options to choose for loaders, pod belts & Protective Gear.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Tippmann Paintball Guns - Tippmann was founded in 1986 in Fort Wayne Indiana and makes many of the most popular Semi- Auto paintballs guns. Tippmann markers are built to run off of CO2 or Compressed Air / HPA tanks.