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Paintball Gun Starter Kits

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Get Great Deals on Paintball Gun Starter Kits and More

Paintball is a great sport that is rapidly becoming more popular across the globe. Paintball Deals has some great paintball starter kits available at great prices.  

Paintball Gun Starter Kits

Paintball Deals offers paintball packages, paintball gun kits, paintball guns, paintball markers, paintball masks, and other paintball gear at prices that can’t be beaten, so anyone can start playing this great sport. Our paintball store gun kits have everything needed to play paintball now.

What is Paintball?

There are actually many games you can play with the right paintball equipment. Some games are played with teams and some are for individual players. In any case, a typical paintball game involves eliminating the other players by shooting them with a paintball. A paintball is merely a spherical gelatin capsule filled with a dye that breaks open upon impact, splattering paint all over your opponent. Gameplay takes place in a playfield set up for tactical cover.  

How Long Does A Game Of Paintball Take?

How long it takes to play a game of paintball depends on the game you are playing and how many players or teams are involved. Some games can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, others may take a few hours, and then there are weekend games that can last from 24 to 48 hours. However, a typical elimination game takes roughly 30 minutes.

Other Paintball Games Available

The most common game you can play with a paintball gun is “Elimination” where you try to eliminate your opponents by shooting them and the goal is to be the last one standing with no paint all over you. However, there are more fun games you can play. 

King of the Hill

This is another fun game that starts with two players competing against each other. Once one player is eliminated, another player comes in to play the winner and this continues until everyone has played. The last winner is the champion.   

Attack And Defend

This game is played with two teams that may not have the same amount of players depending on the difficulty of overtaking the position of the defending team. The defenders may be outnumbered by the attackers. The goal is to defend a setting like a bunker or a castle from the attackers. The attackers start at the opposite end of the defenders and try to overtake their position. This game is played on a timer, and a winner is declared either when the timer runs out or when one team is eliminated.

Bomb Squad

The gameplay starts with the bad guys planting bombs throughout the playing field to hide them from their opponents. The number of bombs placed depends on the playing field size and the number of players. After the bombs are all placed, the other team, known as “the Bomb Squad” enters and tries to locate the bombs and bring them to a start station, while the bad guys try to defend them. The game continues until time runs out or an entire team is eliminated. 

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