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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Paintball

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Paintball

Many people choose paintball as a way to have fun with their friends, socialize or even take part in high-octane matches, but you might be surprised to find that paintball has a range of health benefits

1. Gives you a full-body workout

The average paintball match puts a huge demand on your legs, even more so if you're competing in a high-energy tournament. By supporting a paintball gun for extended periods, your arms are getting an intense workout, too. Your core benefits the most, however. All the balancing, running, twisting and dodging involved in a paintball match is fantastic for building core strength.

2. One of the best stress relievers

One of the best stress relievers

Stress is the root cause behind a whole host of illnesses, including obesity, anxiety and impaired cardiovascular function. Not only is paintball a brilliant way to harmlessly vent your frustrations, but the rigorous exercise also releases endorphins. These feel-good chemicals ease stress, combat anxiety and generally leave you feeling happier.

3. Weight loss

Sprinting, dodging and competing all burn calories, but paintball has another distinct advantage over other types of exercise: it’s fun! Many people struggle to motivate themselves for runs or trips to the gym, but the tactical and community aspect of paintball takes the focus off exertion and puts it firmly on enjoying yourself. You'll find that you're losing weight without feeling like you’ve put any effort in!

4. Builds endurance

Paintball demands endurance. That’s especially true of sprawling woodsball or scenario matches, but it applies to speedball as well. Matches are intense and require sustained, rapid movement. You’ll need to keep up with your team and react quickly to the opposition, all while dodging incoming fire. With little time to pause, paintball helps you build endurance. The longer you spend in the field, the more profound this effect is.

5. Boosts heart health

There’s no denying it: paintball gets your heart racing! Whether it's the tension of a close competition, the adrenaline of battling alongside your team or the physical exertion of longer matches, paintball is one of the best ways to get your blood flowing. Frequently raising your heart rate is a proven way to improve cardiovascular health, and it even helps to lower your risk of developing heart disease in later life.

6. Increases your time spent outdoors

Although there are plenty of indoor paintball venues, the sport is still predominantly associated with the great outdoors. Countless studies have linked time spent outdoors to improved physical and mental health. People who spend more time out of the house experience a significantly reduced risk of developing depression and anxiety. Fresh air has all kinds of advantages, and paintball is a fun way to get out into the world. High-quality paintball cleats like the HK Army Diggerz are designed for multi-surface performance, helping you to make the most of any outdoor space.

HK Army Diggerz

7. Builds strength

Paintballers need a lot of gear. The guns themselves can be heavy, but there are also masks and chest protectors, like the Maddog Tactical Paintball Battle Vest, to consider. Running with all this equipment takes strength, and it builds muscle mass over time.

Maddog Tactical Paintball Battle Vest

8. Improved social skills

This might not seem as immediately obvious as some of the other additions to the list, but paintball can really help you develop interpersonal skills. At its heart, paintball is a team game based on co-operation and communication. To be successful, you’ll need to trade information back and forth with your teammates and work together toward a common goal. Paintball also has a thriving social scene, so it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends, which is great for mental health.

9. Helps you exercise more regularly

Not everybody is a fitness fanatic, and dragging yourself down to the gym isn’t always an appealing prospect. The social, tactical, high-octane and fun nature of paintball ensures that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Incorporating paintball into your weekly schedule allows you to build a fitness routine, boosting your overall health while still having fun.

10. Develops hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is absolutely essential in paintball - you’ll need it to pull off the perfect shot from a distance! It's an area of fitness that has improved with regular practice, and there’s no better way to do that than in the energetic environment of a paintball match. Not only will paintball develop your hand-eye coordination, but it will increase both mental and physical dexterity.

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