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Tippmann CRONUS Basic MILSIM & Tactical Paintball Gun Markers

The new Tippmann Cronus Basic combines high performance with incredible durability in a milsim body. The Cronus features Tippmann's reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This marker is easily modified & features four picatinny rails to mount an assortment of accessories.


  • Semi - Automatic .68 Caliber Marker
  • Adjustable from 250-325 FPS
  • Barrel Thread: A5
  • Proven, in-line bolt design
  • Internal gas line
  • High-impact composite body
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • High-performance ported barrel
  • Vertical Grip
  • Front and Rear fixed sights
  • Tactical Versions Include: Mock Silencer with front sight, 6 Position Collapsible Stock, Vertical Grip & Carry Handle with Integrated Sight

    Maddog Bundles the Best Paintball Accessories in the Industry For An EASY, ALL-IN-ONE, Complete Package!

Marker Highlights: 

internally it's it's basically a 98 custom inside with some exceptions..
Complete with Manual, Parts kit, Barrel Sleeve, Squeegee, Barrel Sleeve, Lube, Allen keys, Replacement O-rings, and Removable Front and Rear Sights. 10" ported barrel and a-5 thread.
Need to rework and have this make sense. Not sure where it came from.
let me look at the back right here nine inch
ported barrel that was right the first time so a five threaded 9 inch portable
there are a billion a five threaded barrels out there so if you're looking
for something different longer different color you want it to be purple you can
get that there's plenty of them out there to suit your own style you get a
nice piece of foam it doesn't do any good for grip and gun
let's let's move some of this other stuff back into the box there that one
over there this goes somewhere that goes right there we'll figure it out later
so the kind of self we'll talk about that we talked about the barrel get that
out of the way well actually get this out of the way too so this is standard
for grip it's got one mounting screw that's right here we're going to remove
this screw that's going to loosen up this one foot right here we'll slide it
on to our front rail system if that's where you want to put it you want to be
super gangster and put it on the side I get you put that right there
we're going to put it on the top here or the bottom that's wherever you want to
put it you know remove the screw all the way out slide it on and put the screw
back through make sure that the net doesn't fall out sometimes they do you
just press them back in and then you want that screw to run in between the
blocks on the rail system slides through
that'll keep your fore grip that's the
word for it from sliding back and forth
and it'll keep it tight in the groove as
well so you don't want any kind of
wiggle or wobble to it so make sure that
screw goes in between there and that
will hold it nicely in place I'll take
care of that alright so the gun
internally in this section right here
ninety a custom same assembly inside of
there you've got your hammer your your
valve where your of your breech assembly
and it all moves together so it's a very
tried and true system something that
they use for rentals it's a very strong
robust system you can get it dirty you
can get it wet it can be have sand in it
and it will still work so the system is
good the one thing that they've changed
from their 98 for their f5 setups is
those guns usually had a macro line or a
steel braided line that came up from the
aasa' and then attached to the valve
assembly internally now they have
they've plumbed it internally or they've
done a gas through system where the line
now actually comes up through here now
they're using a composite frame so
they're not actually running the line or
drilling out the composite frame and
running it through a passage right
there they've got a brass tube a brass -
not copper a brass tube that runs from
here it's got an o-ring on the bottom of
it that mounts into the aasa' and then
it runs up in a very specific little
path that they've made right there and
then it attaches up into the top so
there is actually a pipe that runs down
there that transfers your air up through
the grip frame it is not a passageway
machined into the grip frame that makes
sense so if you remember the leak in
that area you just look at the o-rings
that are at the top and the bottom and
you change them out very very simple god
still talks from the back right there
you get a safety switch on the side to
shoot pull the trigger gun shoots feed
neck on the side does not have a lever
clamp to it but it does have a
adjustable setting to it I guess you
wouldn't call it put an allen key in
there tighten it down it'll grip onto
whatever loader you've put inside of
there you've got lots of rail systems on
your rail rail rail rail so you can just
stick a ton of stuff on these things and
make it any kind of any style you like
on there what else am I missing on here
we've got the safety oh the backend this
is compatible with let me pop this off
of here with a stock you can slide it on
there this is the same same kind of
stock that goes for the project's elbow
it actually slides up on and then you
would take a screw and you tighten it
down on there it is not the style which
is typical on the 98 custom where you
have to remove the two halves of the
shell put the stock in and then close
the shell back up which if you're not
comfortable taking your gun apart can be
a nightmare cuz things pop out of it
when you pull it apart and things just
go everywhere if you're not comfortable
with it this makes it much easier the
stock just drops right in you tighten it
down with a screw and then you're ready
to roll so the system I love way much
more than the old 98 or the current 98
system I guess you call it and then what
else we missing here that's it talk
about all that stuff on there barrel
goes in there
there's a couple other versions of the
Cronus which will do other videos on
there's a tactical version which is
going to come with a lot of other
accessories on it there's a different
look but internally it's all the same so
check that video out as well and to pick
one of these up they're cheap they're
rugged durable they'll run forever might
not be the most advanced gun that you'll
ever shoot but it will work every time
you try to play with it so check them
out the Cronus from tippmann available
through the website order yours now

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