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The Best Paintball Masks For Glasses

The Best Paintball Masks For Glasses

Wearing glasses with a paintball mask might seem difficult or even impossible. Fitting a mask over glasses is a task in itself, and even if you manage it, you’ll likely encounter problems with chafing as the rims of the glasses dig into your face. That’s not to mention the dreaded fogging, which can reduce your visibility to the point where you can’t see a thing!

Do not fear, however. Plenty of paintballers wear glasses under their masks. Picking the right mask is essential because many have unique features that make them ideal for glasses wearers.

#1 V-Force GRILL Thermal

#1 V-Force GRILL Thermal

One of the most widely popular masks also happens to be one of the best for glasses wearers. Not only does the GRILL look imposing, but it provides top-of-the-range ventilation, which will see you through even the most arduous battles. Ventilation prevents fogging, which is the number-one enemy of glasses-wearing paintballers! Increased ventilation means that warm, moist air escapes through the vents rather than building up on your glasses. Fresh air can also get in, ensuring that the atmosphere inside the mask isn’t damp. Cumulatively, this makes a big difference and should stop your glasses fogging up at all.

The advantages don’t end there. The visor on this mask rests a little further from the face than on many others, which gives you much more room to fit your glasses underneath. It also prevents them from being damaged or scratched and means that they won’t be compressed against your face during extended play. A roomy, well-ventilated mask is the solution glasses wearers need, and the GRILL ticks both boxes.

#2 JT Proflex Thermal

#2JT Proflex Thermal

This mask offers perhaps the best ventilation on the list, with a formidable-looking grill on the front and even a pair of ventilation slats just underneath the nose. The mask is ergonomically designed and channels air from your nose and mouth down, rather than upward towards your glasses. That, in turn, encourages a positive airflow in and out of the mask, preventing the buildup of excess moisture that leads to fogging.

It is the visor frame itself that makes these masks so popular with glasses-wearing paintballers, however. It’s exceptionally roomy, especially on the sides, so the temples won’t dig in. Moreover, if your frames are particularly large, the interior foam on this mask is soft. This means that even if there is contact between the glasses and mask, it won’t be uncomfortable.

#3 V-Force Armour Field Vision Anti-Fog

#3 V-Force Armour Field Vision Anti-Fog

Another offering from the perennially popular V-Force brand, the big selling point of this mask is fairly obvious. Anti-fog technology makes a huge difference and really does stop your glasses from misting up. It does this through a combination of exceptional ventilation (the entire lower portion is taken up with ventilation slats) and a quick dry foam interior that doesn’t allow moisture to build up.

The mask also comes with bio fit technology, which means that it adheres to the face without any specific pressure points, making it ideal for glasses wearers who don’t want their frames crushed or damaged. This mask also happens to be one of the cheapest on the list, so it's perfect entry-level gear for beginners. It has all the same stylistic features as a much more expensive V-Force mask, including the visor and striking side logo, but at a fraction of the price and with anti-fog thrown in, too!

#4 HK Army HSTL

Another exceptionally well-ventilated mask, when you first lay eyes on the HSTL, it actually looks more like a vent than a mask! It provides exceptional airflow. While other masks usually ventilate the lower portion around the mouth and nose, the HSTL has vents everywhere, including on the top and sides.

Stability is vital if you’re wearing glasses underneath a mask. Masks that slip and slide will dislodge your specs, scratch them or make them extremely uncomfortable. The HSTL sits far enough off the face to accommodate glasses, but its anti-slip goggle and chin straps make sure that it doesn’t move an inch.

A few other quick tips…

While these masks should be enough for most people, wearing a headband is also helpful. It soaks up sweat and keeps it away from your face and glasses, and it also prevents it from evaporating and turning into steam. Spray-on anti-fog solutions are also widely available if you’re really desperate, so there really is no reason not to enjoy paintball while you’re wearing glasses!

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