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8 Great Paintball Scenarios To Play With Your Friends

8 Great Paintball Scenarios To Play With Your Friends

If you haven’t already tried your hand at a friendly game of paintball, get ready for a plethora of ways to really enjoy the sport. Once you have the basics of the game down — such as how to use the paintball gun, accessories and safety gear — you will be ready to play. There are plenty of scenario games to play with your group, with some being better for beginners, and some that may involve a bit more experience. For those hardcore paintball enthusiasts among us, there are some great scenario games to keep honing your skills and have a competitive and fun afternoon or evening.


The Deathmatch scenario game is the classic annihilation scenario where your team must take out everyone on the other team. There can be additional variations to this game, and lots of other scenario games start out with this premise but with added elements. Of course, there are many more scenarios to play beyond this classic that add more competition and fun to the sport.

Capture the Flag

If you are a newer paintball player, this is a great, classic scenario to start with. Before you begin, make sure you have the appropriate safety gear all ready for action, such as the Maddog Padded Airsoft Paintball Chest Protector, Tactical Half Finger Glove and Neck Protector Combo Package. Then it’s time to try to capture the other team’s flag before they capture yours. It might not be as easy as you think!

Capture the Flag

Defend and Attack

Many scenario games help you work on specific skills. Defend and Attack is no different as you can really focus on your offensive and defensive strategies. For this scenario, one team is tasked with defending a fort while the other team must attack it and raise a flag to win. This can mean a few attacks in a row, with the attacking team having to re-spawn and try again and again.

Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag can be called a few different names, but the premise is usually the same. This popular game allows players who get shot to become frozen instead of eliminated. If the frozen player is then touched, they shatter like ice and are eliminated. But don’t worry - someone from your own team can touch you first to get you back in the game and save you from shattering.

Predator versus Prey

Starting out like a good old game of hide and seek, Predator versus Prey has one team, the prey, setting up and hiding on the playing field. The predators then go searching for the prey, but they aren’t just the hunters — they become the hunted, too, since the prey can attack them just the same. If any prey players get shot, they become a predator, but if a predator is shot, they are eliminated.

Predator versus Prey


This game is almost like the opposite of Capture the Flag. One team has the "bomb" (you can use an empty box) and is attempting to bring it to a specified location in the other team's area, which they will defend. You can give this game higher stakes by having both teams start with a bomb, meaning both sides must defend.


This group scenario game has players drawing a name out of a hat. The name will be of another player who they are then tasked with trying to eliminate. It will feel like every player for themselves out there as you won’t know who to trust while you try to eliminate your player while protecting yourself from whoever is out to get you. If you eliminate your player, you then take on whoever they were after.

Protect the President

There’s no better way to try out some new paintball guns or equipment than with a friendly scenario game. This game would be a great way to break in a new Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun Marker with its high-end, precision features. For this scenario game, each team chooses a President (or two!) that they must protect and get to a safe zone. Imagine being the one with the winning shot!

Protect the President

Whether you have tried some of these scenarios already or are experiencing them for the first time, you will quickly see what works best for your group’s skill level and what holds everyone’s attention. The entertainment value of a great paintball scenario can have you playing for hours and not even realize any time has gone by. Try out something new and fresh to keep the paintball enthusiasm alive, and stay safe out there!

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