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HK Army Blade 2 Paintball Barrel Swab - Black

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Product Description

The all new Blade 2 Paintball Barrel Swab features a patented design utilizing a spring activated cleaning Blade. When inserted into the barrel, the Blade sits at a resting position for smooth entry. As the swab is withdrawn the Blade springs into cleaning position to remove paint residue, shell fragments, and debris. The Center Flex Joint with locking locking screws activates the swab into ready position when removed from pocket. The two locking center screws guarantee the swab sticks will not come apart in your barrel.

HK Army Blade Details:
* Patented spring activated cleaning blade removes paint, residue and shell fragments when withdrawn from the barrel
* Two sided absorbent fuzzy material that cleans and polishes while being inserted and pilled through the barrel
* The robust secure center joint springs into ready position and is guaranteed to never come apart in your barrel while cleaning