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Maddog Tippmann A-5 Silver Paintball Gun Marker Starter Package

SKU: TIP-2062-T101041-PBDTippmann 13Available Order by 2pm PST for Same Day Shipping*
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Product Description

ALL-IN-ONE PAINTBALL GUN PACKAGE! Tippmann's A5 .68 Caliber Paintball Gun Marker with Maddog's Silver Paintball Gun Accessory Kit has everything you need for field entry! Fill Your Tank, Add Some Paint, GAME ON! (Paintballs Sold Separately - Paintball Tank Must Be Filled Prior to Use).

Choose Maddog's Silver Compressed Air HPA or CO2 Tank Accessory Package depending on which tank type/air source is more convenient for you to have filled and refilled in your local area (HPA and/or CO2 paintball tanks are typically filled at your local paintball field / sporting goods store).

Choose the Standard Tippmann A-5 or Upgraded Tippmann A-5 w/ Response Trigger

The Tippmann A-5 is the most popular scenario / woodsball marker ever produced and is now more reliable, accurate, and easier to maintain than ever before! The A-5 features a durable aluminum body, inline bolt system, front and rear sling mounts, low profile hopper and 8.5" high-performance ported barrel. The A-5 is known for its ability to be customized with many aftermarket accessories and features Tippmann's World Class 1-year Warranty.

Now Available in two versions:

  • Standard Tippmann A-5
    • Fires 8 BPS

  • Tippmann A-5 w/ Response Trigger Upgrade Already Installed (Air-Assisted Firing)
    • Fires 15 BPS

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun Marker Features 10 NEW Upgrades!

  • New Cyclone Feed System - feeds up to 15 balls per second without batteries
  • New External Selector Switch - allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode
  • New Larger Front Grip - has a better feel and upgrades are easier to add
  • New Stock Barrel - 8.5" high-performance stone-honed barrel enhances accuracy and reduces noise
  • New Redesigned Internal Bore - wider design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
  • New Lighter Receiver Design - reduces the overall weight of the marker
  • New Tombstone Connections - maintenance is faster and easier
  • New Sling Mounts - removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling
  • New Low-Profile Hopper - 0ffset design offers a clear sightline
  • New Black Gasline - provides greater on-field stealth and heavy-duty construction

  • Specifications:
  • .68 Caliber
  • Semi-Automatic (open bolt blowback)
  • Hopper Capacity: 200 Paintballs
  • Feed Rate: Cyclone Feed System - 15 BPS
  • Standard Firing Rate: 8 BPS (EST.)
  • Barrel length: 8.5"
  • Length: 20"
  • Weight: 3.11 lbs. (without tank)
  • Effective Range: 150+ ft
  • Compatible with CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Silver Accessory Package Includes:

    • Choose Industry Standard 20 oz. CO2 or 48/3000 Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank (Refillable Paintball Tank Ships EMPTY - Must Be Filled Prior to Use. Brand/Color May Vary - Maddog, Empire, Tippmann, GI Sportz, Valken, HK Army, Ninja)
    • Safety Certified Anti-Fog Paintball Mask
    • 200 Round Capacity Paintball Loader
    • 4+1 Paintball Pod Harness
    • (4) Standard Paintball Pods
    • Barrel Squeegee
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Scott Hill
    Everything but the mask is great.

    I've always loved the A-5, and the upgraded model is sweet. The belt and ammo pods are nice, and including an air tank makes the deal economical. However, the mask is terrible. It would have still been on OK deal if you didn't bother including that horrible mask. Shipping was quick and everything exactly as advertised.