Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker Magazines - 2 Pack

Reload on the Go w/ Extra Mags for the Tippmann TMC Magfed Tactical Carbine Marker.

Three allen screws secure the magazine together while providing easy disassembly, maintenance, and reassembly.


* 2 Pack

* 0.68 Caliber Magazines

* 20 Round Spring Loaded Magazines

* Best performance loading 19 paintballs instead of 20

Customer Advice: These TMC paintball magazines are spring loaded, like the majority of real fire arm magazines, but paintballs are much different than firearm ammunition. The shell of the paintballs can become dimpled due to pressure between a fully loaded magazine and the spring feeding the paintaballs. Due to this, TMC Magfed owners have recommended to load these mags with 18-19 paintballs instead of the full capacity of 20. This prevents excessive pressure to cause paintballs to deform the paintball shell, especially in humid and/or warm weather. Brittle paint can break if the magazine is not loaded to >80% capacity. The spring powered magazine can give the paintball significant momentum, enough to break paint when loading a partially filled magazine.  



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