REFURBISHED - Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun - Black / Lime

Condition Note:
* Paintball Gun is Factory Refurbished. Marker / case may show some limited signs of wear. Gun is Factory Serviced, Tested, and Approved. Parts kit / Allen Keys, Battery, Lube, May or May NOT be included.

Emerging from a long line of successful Proto Paintball markers the Proto Rize Maxxed is packed with updated features normally found on high-end markers. Created to perform but built with your budget in mind this high-powered, entry-level marker provides you with tournament level firepower for a fraction of the cost. The Rize Maxxed has an anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with 4 tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire. The new Fuze bolt kit boasts 15% lower operating pressure, giving you better airflow and a more reliable function, operating at a low 140psi. The proven Hyper 3 regulator has been simplified for easier assembly and maintenance and the new solenoid has improved hose barbs and seat to give the Rize Maxxed better air efficiency, with a 25% lower dwell setting. Macro line has replaced the steel braided hose, so you can now use standard macro line and fittings. The Rize Maxxed also includes a True Bore Proto two-piece 14” barrel, giving the Rize Maxxed the accuracy of a high-end marker. It also comes with an all aluminum cam lever DYE Lockdown feed neck, to keep your loader locked in place during aggressive moves, and a DYE on/off UL airport. Comfort and style are not sacrificed for performance with the Rize Maxxed: The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Rize Maxxed all day in comfort and the contrasted color anodizing gives you the style you desire. With Anti-Chop eyes, screw together bolt design, DYE's self-cleaning M2 series eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings, cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. Truly, the Proto Rize Maxxed was created and designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price.

* Fully Automatic Electronic .68 Cal Marker
* Adjustable from 250-325 FPS
* Barrel Thread: Autococker
* Anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by LED circuit board with 4 tournament firing modes & adjustable rate of fire
* Operating Pressure - 140 psi
* UL 45 frame
* Dual Density Sticky Grips
* No Slip Regulator Sleeve
* Adjustable aluminum trigger
* All Aluminum Cam Lever DYE Lockdown Feed Neck
* Self-cleaning M2 series Eye Pipe
* Color-coded O-rings
* True Bore Proto two-piece 14” barrel
* Barrel Thread - Autococker
* Barrel Bore Size - .690
* BPS - 15 +
* DYE on/off UL airport
* Proven Hyper 3 regulator



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