Ninja Paintball


Ninja Paintball Standard Remote Coil with Quick Disconnect

The Ninja Paintball Standard Quick Disconnect Remote Coil is MADE IN THE USA!!!! The all black tactical look of the Ninja Paintball Remote is great for scenario, tactical, or recreational paintball. The Heavy duty remote coil line is very durable and is pressure rated to work with all Compressed Air and Co2 tanks. The Ninja Paintball remote is Extremely flexible which allows you to maneuver even through the toughest terrain. The Ninja Paintball remote was designed by paintball players for paintball players. How this remote works: A fitting with a male quick disconnect screws into the paintball gun where a CO2 bottle normally goes. This hose attaches to this fitting on one end, and your CO2 bottle on the other end. You bottle is then placed in a bottle pouch on your pack or belt. The coil will keep the gas line close to your body, but stretches so that you can move your gun where you need it.

* Standard Remote Coil with Quick Disconnect
* All black tactical look
* Extremely flexible
* 3000 psi working pressure coiled hose
* Will work with any paintball Air system or CO2 bottle



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