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HK Army

Maddog HK Army 48ci/3000psi Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank with Quick Disconnect Remote Coil and Fill Nipple Protector Combo


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Refillable 48/3000 HK Army aluminum paintball tanks are a great alternative to carbon fiber systems. Industry Standard High Pressure compressed air regulator set to the standard output pressure of 800psi. The HK Army 48ci 3000psi HPA tank gives the look and performance of a high-end tank without the price tag. Regulators are individually hand assembled and tested on state of the art machines for outstanding quality and assurance.

* Durable Aluminum Tank Bottle
* Black HK Army 48ci / 3000psi HPA Compressed Air Tank
* Output Pressure 800psi
* Fill Level Gauge
* Includes rubber nipple cover for added protection/storage
* Compact pressure gauge
* Tri-Label UN ISO Certification - Universal Acceptance
* Dual Burst Discs for added Safety
* 5 Year Hydro stamp
* Flat bottom for storage upright or on tables
* Tank measures 3.5 inches diameter x 10 3/4 inches tall

The HK Army coiled remote hose provides a full range of movement while keeping the hose tight to your body. Coiled remotes lighten the overall weight of your marker by giving the freedom to mount the air system to a harness or pouch.

* On/Off Valve That Easily Screws On To Any Paintball Air System
* Quick Disconnect Allows For Easy Connecting And Detaching Of Hose From The Marker
* Operates At Up To 4500 PSI Working Pressure
* Work With High Pressure Air Systems Or CO2 Bottles

Save yourself time and money down the line by protecting the fill nipple on your tank. This fill nipple protector securely snaps on to the fill nipple on your tank to prevent dirt and damage, a must have for any paintball player. O-ring assisted seal keeps the air in and everything else out.

* Protects fill nipple on tank from dirt, debris, damage, etc.
* Solid aluminum construction
* O-Rings hold fill nipple in place
* Fits on all paintball HPA tank nipples

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