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HK Army Aerolite "Extra Lite" 80/4500 Compressed HPA Paintball Tank with Basic Regulator

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Product Description

The HK Army Aerolite "Extra Lite" Paintball Compressed Air HPA Tank Air System combines innovative design with impressive engineering to achieve top of line performance. The body and internal components are fabricated in the USA using remier grade aircraft aluminum and advanced machining processes. Each Regulator is hand assembled in the USA and must pass a thorough quality control test prior to being approved for release. The Aerolite "Extra Lite" cylinder is a sleek, lite-weight bottle which carries a hard-coated exterior for maximum durability. The cylinder is constructed using an ultra-high strength, thin walled aluminum core which is reinforced using multiple layers of carbon fiber. This two-step process delivers a cylinder that is extremely lite-weight and robust, allowing for controlled and safe pressurized air storage.

* Reliable Aircraft Grade Aluminum Regulator
* 80 cubic inch Aerolite "Extra Lite" Bottle w/ 4500 psi Capacity
* Weight ~ 2lbs 6.0 oz
* Constant Flow Output Pressure
* 1.8K and 7.5K Burst Disks for Safety
* DOT and TC Approved Cylinder
* Five-year Hydro Cycle
* Limited 1-Year Warranty
* Made in the USA

Save yourself time and money down the line by adding a fill nipple protector on your tank! This fill nipple protector securely snaps on to the fill nipple on your tank to prevent dirt and damage - a must-have for any paintball player. O-ring assisted seal keeps the air in and everything else out.

* Protects fill nipple on tank from dirt, debris, damage, etc.
* Solid aluminum construction
* O-Rings hold fill nipple in place
* Fits on all paintball HPA tank nipples
* Fill Nipple Color May Vary